Availability 2017


Individual or buddy pair spaces available on the following weeks in 2017

April 16-21 Mv Valkyrie in Scapa Flow  Just a couple of spaces left!

June 4-9 Mv Valhalla in Scapa Flow

July 2-7 Now fully booked!

August 6-11 Now fully booked!

September 17-22 German Fleet special on The Mv Valhalla in Scapa Flow


For prices and booking  – 07795966903 or drop an email to hazel@mv-valkyrie.co.uk.

For early booking for Norway, Shetland or Scapa Flow in 2018 / 2019 call for a no-commitment chat, or why not drop us a message on Facebook to “Hazel Weaver” or “Helen Hadley”